Managing Health and Safety At Work - ILM - Unit Certificate Level 3

With so many potential risks and dangers in the workplace it is vitally important that health,safety and welfare at work policies and procedures are managed properly. Knowing the legislation, providing a safe workplace and working in partnership with employees all combine to prevent injury and harm.

Important skills in managing health, safety and welfare at work include:

Legislation on Health, Safety and Welfare at Work
Information and Statements
Management Responsibilities
Risk Assessment
Accident Prevention
Environmental Responsibilities

Course Aims

The course is designed to help people who have a role in managing health and safety in the workplace to understand the key requirements and to put suitable systems and supports in place.


The ILM Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for this course is 10 hours.


The Institute of Leadership and Management ILM operates an ‘Open Entry’
policy but prospective participants should be able to apply what they learn on the course in an organisational setting (need not be in a job).


There are no examination with participants instead completing an assignment which is marked by the tutor. On successful completion of the assignment participants receive their Level 3 Unit Certificate from the ILM.

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