Revit Architecture 2011 - DVD Course


The 30-hour training course for Revit Architecture 2011 users is composed of 421 video tutorials, covering beginner, intermediate and advanced topics for building information modeling. Lessons include concepts and demonstrations to guide users through modeling system family elements, placing components including doors and windows,creating views and adding sheets to views, controlling the appearance of views, adding dimensions and constraints, creating reports, schedules and custom family components, and using worksets, phasing and design options.

Course Outline:

Getting Started
Modeling Essentials
Building Shell
Walls: An In-Depth Look
Building Core
Building Interiors
Components and Families
Basic Modify and Reporting Tools
Views and Sheets
View Graphics
Dimensions and Constraints
Site Tools
Schedules and Tags
Publishing and Printing
Leveraging Other Files
Managing Your Projects
Managing Settings
Managing Application Settings
Drafting and Detailing
Family Creation
Design Options

Course Length:

Approx 30 hours

System Requirements:

Windows XP (32bit), Windows Vista or Windows 7
5.5 GB of Hard Disk Space required for Installation.
DVD-ROM Drive for install only
Internet Explorer 6.0+
Adobe Flash Plugin
512 MB RAM
1 GB Processor or faster
1024x768 color display
Mouse (or other pointing device) needed for navigation
Sound Card and Speakers


This course does not include Revit Registration or Certification. Nor do the course fees include Revit examination fees. Revit Certification is only available to you once your successfully complete an examination at an Approved Centre.

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