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Life Lines is a flexible experiential resource which is used to create harmony between individuals’ values and those of the team.

Interactive and engaging, it is ideal for team meetings or away days, change programmes or assessment centres, and is useful for enhancing communication, emotional intelligence and managing diversity issues. However, its key strength is its adaptability, ensuring you can tailor it to any topic where values play a part and link it directly to your objectives.

Values are a powerful force - do not underestimate their strength and use them to your advantage. In short, ‘Realise the Value of Values’.

Aim :

The aim is to prompt open communication about players’ values. The result is that the participants themselves, and others, learn about what drives their behaviour.


The outcome of the resource is a positive contribution to the creation of a truly high performing team, by generating:

  • A team clear on its culture and goals.
  • Team members clear on their personality and motivations.
  • Team members in congruence with the collective aim, striving in the same direction.
  • A team understanding of its members’ differences, able to capitalise on their strengths.


Life Lines provides a comprehensive set of learning materials structured around the concept of a board game. Each player journeys across the board, visiting their personal set of values, as if travelling on an underground network. When a player lands on a value, they must explain their choice to the other players before moving on – easy!

However, just as in life, tasks are never simple when external factors come in to play. Re-routing, discussions, dilemmas and other issues must all be faced before the end can be reached. Then, the team as a whole must prove that they can apply the learning to the workplace by carrying out a number of selected activities.

Course Includes:

  • 49 Line Cards to provide twists and turns to the mechanics of the game.
  • 14 Discussion Cards used throughout the game to prompt discussion.
  • 7 Did You Know? Cards used throughout the game to provide values information.
  • 28 Activity Cards used towards the end of the game to link learning to selected topics through group activities.
  • 1 Conclusion Card to conclude the game with positive feedback.
  • 10 Values Lists outlining the values for play.
  • 25 Team Values Records to collate the values of the team and capture notes and actions during play.
  • 200 Travel Passes to help players plan their journey across the board and capture personal actions and feedback.
  • 10 Photo Grippers to hold personalised photos of each player, acting like playing pieces.
  • 10 People Playing Pieces if photos are not used.
  • 1 Your Guide to give you all the help you need to play the game.
  • 1 Quick Start Guide to act as an overview for play.

Duration: 1.5-3 hours
Extendable: Yes, to half/full-day
Package Type: Hard Copy
Licence: In House/Open Training


Life Lines now has two brand new expansion packs. A life size version where players act as giant playing pieces creating a more physical experience, and a values cascade version to support all parts of a company’s values creation and implementation strategy. Contact us for more information about these expansion packs.

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