Effective Telephone Skills



Effective handling of phone calls can both create and retain customers as well as demonstrating that your organisation is well managed.

This course aims to cover the basics of handling phone calls in any organisation.


  • Make an effective telephone handshake
  • Decide on appropriate call actions
  • Carry out a barrier role if required
  • Handle incoming calls, including caller complaints sensitively and professionally


  • The Handshake
  • Call actions:
  • Take messages
  • Deal with "not available"
  • Request and give information
  • Hold and Transfer callers
  • "Barrier duty"


  • Handling incoming calls:
  • Abusive callers
  • Upset callers
  • Upward referral
  • Gathering information and reaching agreement

Duration: 1 Day
Package Type: Electronic File
Licence: In House/Open Training Use

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