Behavioural Workplace Coaching



Coaching can be one of the most effective ways of improving company performance. It happens in real time, involving real situations. It is ongoing and extremely costs little. Overt the last 15 years, this approach has come to the fore as means ofdeveloping others.

However, it is not necessarliy a natural skill, so this course aims to help anyone whio believes that this approach is right for them.


  • Explain what is meant by Behavioural Workplace Coaching
  • Give examples of factors that contribute to successful coaching
  • List the stages for effective workplace coaching
  • List areas to be addressed in the initial sessions
  • Use questioning, listening and summarising skills to support a coaching session
  • Give praise and development feedback following feedback guideline


  • What exactly is Coaching?
  • A model for behavioural workplace coaching
  • Benefits of one to one coaching
  • Using Questions effectively
  • Developing listening skills
  • Giving feedback

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