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Developing future leaders is at the top of the agenda list in most organizations. "Leadership Training" shows you how to integrate 10 key leadership competencies into your training to create leadership training programs that get results. This book is directed toward all levels of leaders from executive leaders to middle managers to project managers. The tools it provides can also be used to develop high-potential, next-generation leaders. The training programs are designed to be experiential with less emphasis on lecture and more emphasis on shaping the attitude of participants. In addition, the author focuses on giving individual learners support through discussion and participant reflection. "Leadership Training" includes a companion CD-ROM with ready-to-use presentations and electronic copies of all supporting material to quickly create half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshops.


CHAPTER 1: Introduction: How to Use This Book Effectively
CHAPTER 2: How People Learn
CHAPTER 3: Assessing Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses
CHAPTER 4: Evaluation
CHAPTER 5: One-Hour Program
CHAPTER 6: Half-Day Program
CHAPTER 7: One-Day Program
CHAPTER 8: Two-Day Program
CHAPTER 9: Follow-Up Work: Action Planning
CHAPTER 10: Learning Activities
CHAPTER 11: Handouts, Assessments, Training Instruments, and Tools.

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