Managing Others Effectively


To increase the awareness and skill levels of first line Managers, Supervisors or Team leaders.

Day 1

  • Identify the different aspects of a manager's role
  • Explain the difference between ‘task needs' and ‘people needs'
  • Give examples of choices managers have, boundaries to work within and outputs to achieve
  • Make plans taking into account short and long term, proactive and reactive approaches
  • Set smart objectives

Day 2

  • Give a wide range of examples of what they need to know about those they manage
  • Identify examples of training needs
  • Select ways forward from a range of learning solutions
  • Explain the range of contributions people make to a team or group at work

Day 3

  • Explain the key issues, main activities, relevant policies and procedures in relation to:
  • Replacing someone who is leaving
  • Selecting someone for a job
  • Induction
  • Motivating others
  • Managing performance, including poor performance

Duration: 3 Days
Package Type: Electronic File
Licence: In House/Open Training Use

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