Motivational Leadership



A comprehensive 4 hour course covering every aspect of Motivation and Leadership.  This course examines the causes of motivation and how different management styles effect the motivation level of employees.The course looks at the characteristics of a motivated person and discuss needs,wants and expectation levels.  Participants will have an opportunity to consider the laws of motivation and identify de-motivational factors before establishing motivational techniques and strategies aimed at motivating workforces. The course concludes with the principles of leadership and the skills for successful leadership.


To assist participants to develop the skills necessary to motivate others through effective leadership and management.


  • To identify key aspects of motivation
  • To understand how management styles affect motivational level
  • To know the characteristic of motivated people and to identify needs, wants and expectations
  • To gain a comprehensive knowledge on the laws of motivation
  • To establish motivational techniques and strategies


  • Defining Motivation
  • The Causes of Motivation
  • Management Styles
  • The Characteristics of Motivated People
  • Need vs Want
  • Expectation Levels
  • The Laws of Motivation
  • Understanding and Identifying De-motivating Factors
  • Criticising without Damaging
  • Steps to Build Confidence
  • Principles of Leadership
  • Major Cause of Leadership Failure
  • Vital Attributes of Successful Leadership
  • Motivating Others
  • Motivating Teams
  • Advice for Manager's on Manipulation vs. Motivation

Course Includes:

  • Printable Participant Handouts
  • Slide show Presentation
  • Leader's Notes
  • Questionnaires and Analysis Sheets

Duration: Half-Day
To Full-day
Package Type: CD Rom
Licence: In House

Sample Documents:

Presentation Leader's Notes Course Handouts

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