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TrainingShelf is here to help you sell your training products worldwide. We provide a place for organisations and trainers worldwide to promote and sell their products. Our products range from training courses and DVDs to training aids. They come in a wide range of formats from hard copy, software, training CD’s to on-line training programmes. Companies and organisations around the world search our on-line shop to find course material and training aids to assist them in their training needs, why shouldn’t they find yours? List your products with us today, its free, there is no commitment and you only pay if you sell a product…bit of a no-brainer isn’t it?

How does TrainingShelf work?

TrainingShelf acts as any other on-line store. Organisations list products for sale and customers buy these products. We simply provide a place for customers to access training products on-line. We get our products from mainstream training organisations and individuals who either produce or purchase training products. These organisations list their products on-line with TrainingShelf and TrainingShelf handles all the logistics. Since we work with Paypal and act as any ethical on-line store would, customers can be confident that we provide a secure environment for on-line shopping.

Who is TrainingShelf for?

TrainingShelf is designed for individuals and organisations within the training industry. This may be mainstream training providers and organisations, or free-lance trainers who over the years have produced quality training products. Any individual or organisation who owns the copyright for a training product may sell their products on TrainingShelf.

What are the benefits of listing with TrainingShelf?

The advantages of listing with TrainingShelf are immense. Many organisations and training individuals have produced high-quality training material which they use for training purposes. The problem is that this material may not be yielding maximum profit for the organisation or individual. Since many training organisations and individuals are regionally based and deliver training programmes themselves they effectively cut their market share into a fraction of what it could be. By being regionally based they are restricted to only the immediate market and by only delivering courses themselves they restrict themselves to organisations with larger budgets and/or who do not have a training manager.

However, if an organisation where to sell their material in “boxed” form, they would gain access to untapped markets worldwide. Furthermore, an organisation’s reputation and standing is guaranteed to improve if they produce material that is being sold and used internationally. This has a positive effect on regional businesses who view that organisation as a key player in the global market. No matter which way you look at it, it makes sense to go global.

The advantages of TrainingShelf are:

  • Worldwide exposure
  • Start selling within hours
  • New markets
  • New clients
  • Higher profit margins
  • Marketing provided by TrainingShelf
  • Improved company profile
  • All logistics handled by TrainingShelf
  • No need to establish your own on-line store
  • No marketing fees
  • No contracts/fixed term agreements
  • Opt out at any time

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! That’s right, listing products is absolutely free.

What is included?

All listings include the following.

  • Product listing
  • Picture
  • Samples of your course
  • Company Profile
  • Link to your homepage
  • Unlimited listings
  • Unlimited space
  • Review links
  • Tell-a-friend links
  • You decide the price

What’s the catch?

The catch is that we take 10% of each product sold. That’s it! This is the only fee we receive. If you do not sell a product we do not get paid.

Who searches TrainingShelf?

TrainingShelf is searched around the world by organisations and individuals who wish to provide training. This may be training managers, small companies who wish to do in-house training, governmental organisations, NGO’s  or even other training providers. Our clients are from every sector, be that health and safety, personal development, sales training or computer skills. Anyone looking to purchase training material will benefit from TrainingShelf.

How do my clients pay for my products?

Customers pay for material on-line using all major credit cards. They may also pay through postal order or cheque. Payment is secure using both Paypal or our SLL encrypted credit card payment service.

Why do companies purchase training material?

There are many reasons why companies and individuals would purchase training material. Many larger organisations have a training manager who delivers in-house training. These professionals are always looking for new material. Many organisations are small and find that running courses in-house is the most cost-effective way of training their workforce. Other companies are looking for material for their own training programmes and will purchase training material in much the same way as a video store purchases rental videos.

How do I list a product?

Listing products is easy. There are two ways to list a product:

Click here and fill out the form. You will be given the oportunity to fill in all the necessary data such as a description, aim, objectives, content outline, set the recomended retail price and include files if you would like us to distribute the material for you.

Alternatively you can contact us at with the details of your course and we will list them for you. It usually takes just a few hours to have courses listed. We recommend the following information: description, aim, objectives, course content, some sample documents, what format the course is sold in (e.g. electronic files) and what type of licence you want to apply. Or you can send us the course and we will deduce this information ourselves as well as distribute it for you. We have a strict confidentiality policy and your products will never be used for any purposes other than you intended.

What can I list?

You can list any products relating to training. This may be training DVD’s, books, course material, training resources or training aids. Anything related to training will be accepted.

What if there is no category for my product?

No problem, we will create one. We want our website to be a comprehensive training shop and therefore are very flexible.

What formats do you accept?

We accept the following formats when listing information:

  • Word 2003 or less Documents
  • Plain text documents
  • PowerPoint Files
  • PDF’s
  • Jpeg, gif, or png images

What format does my product have to be in?

Your product can be in any format you choose. It may be in boxed form, DVD/CDs, electronic files, on-line or printed material. We accept and sell them all.

How are products distributed?

We can distribute your products for you or alternatively you may choose to distribute them yourself, in which case you will receive an e-mail whenever a product has been purchased.

Who sets the price?

You do, we have no input into the price of your products. You set the price as you see fit.

How do I get paid?

You may choose a means of payment that best suits you. We use Paypal, Internet transfer or cheque. We pay at the end of each month and are prompt with our payments.

What about my copyright?

Your copyright remains your property. We recommend that all training material sold has a copyright notice. Furthermore, you may choose what licence you wish to use. You may want to allow your material to be used in-house only. This means no one can make a profit off your products but you. You may choose to allow other training providers to use your material for profit or you may choose to allow the material to be used as the purchaser sees fit. It is up to you as to how the material will be used. You may even stipulate your own restrictions either on TrainingShelf’s website or on the products themselves.

What licence options are there?

There are three licence options available. Please see our Licence Agreements page

How do I opt out?

Opting out is easy. Just send us an e-mail telling us that you would like to de-list your products and we will immediately take them off our website. There are no penalties for opting out.

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