Licence Agreements

This page describes the broad licence agreement offered by products listed on Trainingshelf. Please be advised that the descriptions bellow are not exhaustive or inclusive and that each training product may come with further restrictions. Where this is the case, please consult the product itself. All licences listed bellow are broad descriptions for the general usage which each product is designed for. Training providers have set their own licence agreements with each product for sale on Trainingshelf. While this is non-negotiable, often training providers are prepared to negotiate a licence for alternative fees. Should you wish to purchase a product listed on Trainingshelf and would like a different licence agreement then originally listed please contact Trainingshelf directly.

Licence Free

Products listed as licence free have a full usage licence. This means that they may be resold, distributed, edited, copied and amended either in part or in full as the purchaser sees fit. They may be used for profit purposes such as the reselling of the product.

Open Training

Courses with an Open Training licence may be used to deliver training programmes for profit. This includes the provision of training for participants outside the organisation/purchaser. There is a copyright in place and all course material remains the property of the copyright holder. No product listed with an Open Training licence may be resold or distributed either in part or full without the expressed permission of the copyright holder. Such products are designed for other training providers who deliver training directly for profitable purposes.

In House

Products with an In House licence are designed to be used solely for the purposes of the purchasing organisation/training provider. They are not to be used for any profitable purposes whatsoever. This includes the resale, distribution, or delivery of training in any quantity or form for profit. They are designed for training managers or organisations who wish to up skill their own staff/workforce. There is a strict copyright in force on such courses. All course material remains the property of the compiler at all times. Courses may not be resold under any conditions without the expressed permission of the copyright holder.  

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